Acure Organics: A Review

I found Acure through one of my trips to Target. A lot of their products are readily available through Target or online. I prefer to make my orders from Vitacost since I also order other items from them at the same time. I have several of their products my favorites are their Clarifying Shampoo and the Brightening Face Scrub. I’ve also tried their Argan Oil Towelettes, Coconut Oil Towelettes, Argan Oil, and their Day Cream.

I have repurchased the shampoo and face scrub several times at this point. Not only are both of those items very clean they are excellent and some of the best items I’ve found. I really haven’t found another shampoo that compares both in effectiveness and cost. The product completely cleans my hair of any oil or residue. This is the only clean shampoo I’ve tried that actually does that. The face wash is also an excellent product. It is very gritty so it is perfect for use in the shower when you want a little bit more exfoliation. I probably wouldn’t use it daily since the exfoliant tends to stick in my hairline, but when I’m showering this really doesn’t matter.

I’m planning on doing a separate post comparing the makeup removing towelettes so I’m not going to go into too much detail here. However, I do enjoy the unscented ones and not the coconut ones.

I’m not a huge fan of their Argan Oil. I find it doesn’t sink in very fast. I much prefer Ko & Humbles’ Argan Oil to this one. I probably won’t purchase this again if I ever get through this first bottle. Unfortunately the Day Cream is also in this vein. I have found that it never really sinks into my skin and just serves to make my face tacky. I would not suggest purchasing this product since every time put it on it interferes with the application of my makeup.

Acure has some very excellent products that I absolutely love. I will continue repurchasing their Clarifying Shampoo and their Exfoliating Face Wash for a long time to come. Other than that I haven’t actually found much that I really enjoy. They are a great brand however to try if you’re looking for something that is easily accessible. Since you can purchase a wide variety of their products at Target they are a great choice for people who need something quick.