Air B&B: A Review



I thought I would give you guys a little review about our experience with Air B&B. Don’t worry, there will be more in-depth posts later this month about our entire trip complete with photos!

If you’re not familiar with Air B&B it is a way to book rooms or houses when you are traveling. It is an alternative to hotels and hostels. It is almost like couch surfing, but you get your own private room or home and there are typically excellent reviews on the website that help you decide where to stay. Most hosts will also include breakfast in the price of your stay too.

We stayed in three different Air B&B’s when we were in Europe.



Aran Island, IrelandIMG_20160210_173345370_HDR

We had an absolutely excellent time at each and every one of these Air B&B’s. If you are looking to stay in one of these places both Alex and I would absolutely recommend any of the hosts we stayed with. They each had excellent suggestions on places to visit around where they lived and they were all more than willing to talk with us.

One tip I received before we booked any of these was to check out the reviews on people and only go with people who have a lot of positive reviews. I believe this helped us have an excellent experience with Air B&B since each of our locations was well reviewed.

And really, just admire this view from our window on the Aran Islands: