Antonym Blushes: A Review


Over the last few months I’ve been collecting the blushes from Antonym Cosmetics. They have three different colors Peach, Rose and Copper. I have fallen in love with each of these colors for very different reasons.

Antonym’s blushes are a unique blend since they start as a cream and are baked into a powder. This gives a very special feel and blend to the finished product that really makes it unlike any other blush I own. They blend beautifully on the skin and don’t go patchy after wearing them for a while.


My personal favorite is the Peach. It is this beautiful, light, peachy-pink color that looks amazing on my light skin tone. This also is one of the best blushes I’ve found for my cheeks during the spring since it is very light.

Rose is a great color when I have a little bit of tan or if I want a little more of a rosy cheek. I found that it was a little dark for me during the spring, but winter when I really want a darker cheek this is great. Copper is the shade that works least with my skintone. I find that I need to have A LOT of sun in order to pull this color off. If you have a darker skintone and darker hair it looks amazing. I used it on one of the actresses in a show recently who has a darker complexion and she looked absolutely incredible.


I love Antonym’s blushes and I really think you will too. They are made with fantastic , clean ingredients and are a true treat for your skin. I also love their sustainable bamboo packaging. Not only is it gorgeous it is very ecofriendly. I suggest you try one of these blushes if you’ve been on the lookout for another non-toxic blush. These are sure to excite!