FitGlow Beauty HiLight: A Review

I found FitGlow Beauty after several other bloggers and youtubers raved about their foundation, blush and new HiLight. I decided to get a couple of things to see if they really were as amazing as everyone was saying they were. I thought today I would discuss one of my absolute favorite products from them, their HiLight.

This is one of my absolute favorite makeup products that I own. It is very rare in the Green Beauty community to have a pressed highlighter. Most of the time they come in cream or loose format which can get messy. FitGlow has cracked the pressed highlighter code though with this formula. It doesn’t have much kickup and the product goes on perfectly.

One of the best things about this product is the fact it is a combination of sparkly gold highlighter and a more rosey champagne color. These pair perfectly for an absolutely beautiful look. The colors also look incredible on their own too! I will often only wear the rosy champagne color if I’m not going for an all out glam look and it still looks incredible.

I cannot say enough good things about this highlighter. If you’re in the market for a new one I suggest trying this one out. You really won’t be disappointed. It is perfect for so many different skin tones and since you can mix the two colors you can get whatever level of highlight you’d like

I personally purchased directly from FitGlow. However, since they are a Canadian company you may decide you want to purchase from one of their US retailers. They have a list on their website of places where you can purchase.