Life Hack: End of Summer Foundation Tip

I don’t know about you, but I got a little bit of sun this summer. Not a lot, but enough that my Pearl Powder Foundation from Root is just slightly too light for me.  I was color-matched in store during the middle of winter so my foundation color works for most of the year. But I noticed when I put it on a couple of weeks ago the color just washed me out rather than giving me a good foundation color. Here’s a photo:


I really didn’t want to purchase a different shade foundation since I wouldn’t use it much during other times during the year. So I set out to figure out how to correct the color with things already in my makeup kit. I tried a couple different things before I found a fix that really works!

Root’s Bronzing Powder did an excellent job with all over color and fixing my foundation problem. I prefer to use the light bronzer since I find the color is way more buildable than the original or sunkissed. However, if you’re a lot darker than your winter color you may want to try one of those. Here is a photo after applying Light Bronzer all over my face and blending into my neck:


As you can see by applying the bronzing powder all over I’ve evened out my tan skin tone and I no longer look like a ghost. My face matches my neck and shoulders. This is an easy inexpensive way to fix your summer foundation problem. And best of all, you can use the bronzing powder during the winter to give your skin a healthy glow! Are there any special ways you do summer or end of summer makeup? Let me know below! Also let me know if you liked this makeup tip post and if you’d like me to do more.

Here is the final makeup look:


Root Creamy Concealer: Light – Under Eye Area

Root Pearl Powder: 6 – Foundation

Root Light Bronze – Foundation

Root Setting Silk – All Over

Au Naturale Cream Bronzer – Contour

Au Naturale Cream Highlighter – Cheekbones, T-zone, Cupid’s Bow, Under Eyebrows

Root Punch Love – Blush

Root Portland – Eye Crease

Root So Bronze – Eyelid

Root Midnight Mocha – Outside Eye Corner

Root Shell – Inner Eye Corner

Root Pretty All Day Gel Liner

Root Mascara: Brown

Au Naturale Sangria – Lips

Aster & Bay Hibiscus and Beet Root Lip Stain – Lip Gloss

Root Setting Spray