Frosh Cleaners: A Review

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In addition to trying to find cleaner makeup and skincare brands, I’ve been looking into green/nontoxic cleaners. Pond and Rory really love to lick things (the floor, walls and windows) so I’ve been searching for cleaners I don’t feel guilty using around them.  Frosh is a European based brand that uses less toxic cleaning chemicals, is cruelty-free and environmentally friendly.

Frosh’s dish soap is the first thing we tried. I was incredibly tired of trying all sorts of dish soap and still covering our dishes in toxic chemicals. We’ve been using the free and clear dish soap and it is fantastic! Not only is it free of most toxic chemicals found in dish soap, it also works really well. They have a few other types of dish soap, but those contain parfum and colorants.

We’ve also been using the Lemon Toilet Bowl Cleaner. This is an absolutely incredible product. We’ve been in the process of remodeling a bathroom so that toilet isn’t used on a regular basis. This leads to a lot of build-up and this product removed it all after just a few minutes of soaking.

The last product I’ve been testing out is their PH Neutral Universal Cleaner. This is a super concentrated, multi-purpose cleaner. In order to use it correctly you do need to mix it with water before you use it to clean. It does a great job of getting gunk off my counter. It also makes an absolutely fantastic floor cleaner.

I would highly suggest these three products. I would love to see Frosh come out with more free and clear versions of their products in the future but I will continue to use the great products they currently have!