How To: Freezing Sweet Corn



To be completely honest freezing sweet corn is a HUGE hassle. However, when it’s the dead of winter and I pull a new bag of fresh sweet corn out of the freezer I absolutely praise summer Stacie for all the work she put in over the summer. This summer we actually planted some sweet corn in our garden. BUT- the stupid deer that come into town actually ate everything we planted! It was so very sad until I went to Aldi while they were having a .05/ear sale. I purchased 30 ears of sweet corn and decided to go ahead and put most of them in the freezer for later.


In order to freeze sweet corn you will first need to blanch the ears of corn. You can refer to my previous post on How To: Blanching Veggies and follow the steps. For sweet corn you will need to blanch it for 4 minutes. Make sure to let it cool long enough since you will be handling it pretty heavily.


After the ears are cool place the ears onto a baking sheet. You want to cut the kernels ⅔’rds of the way down to the cob. This keeps you from getting any of the cob in the finished product. I typically do the ears after they cool while I’m blanching the next batch of ears. Once I get in a rhythm I can typically get through one batch before the next one is ready.

After all the ears have been blanched and cut it is time to portion the kernels into individual packets. I’ve done it several different ways, but I’ve found that I prefer to portion the finished corn into quart freezer packets. I typically put about 2-3 cups of corn into the baggies. This keeps the corn from going in and out of the freezer too much since you will use it quicker.


Once everything is in freezer safe baggies simply pop it in the freezer! Make sure to leave it for 24 hours so it can completely freeze. I suggest putting it in a deep freezer and moving it to your regular freezer as you use it. This ensures you will get the freshest product possible throughout the year as needed.