How To: Freezing Zucchini


Zucchini is one of my favorite this to pack away for later use. Every time we have a garden we seem to grow an absolute explosion of zucchini that I can’t use as it comes fresh out of our garden. My Mom always froze zucchini when I was younger so it just made sense to me when we started gardening to put the excess into the freezer for later. This year I packed away 13 cups of zucchini into the freezer and gave away several more.

This veggie is SO easy to get ready for the freezer. You only need to have a food processor on hand with the shredding attachment in place. If you have a large mature zucchini you will need to remove the seeds. However, if it is smaller zucchini you will not need to remove the seeds, they will grind right up and won’t be noticeable.

After you’ve washed the zucchini and removed the seeds if necessary, you will need to cut it into slices that fit into the top of your food processor. I find that if I cut each half in half again or even in thirds if its an extremely large zucchini it fits into my processor. After that it’s as simple as running each piece through the food processor to shred it.


Depending on how many zucchinis you are doing at once you may need to do them in batches. If this is the case I find it easiest to dump the shredded stuff into a large empty bowl until I’m done. After you’ve finished you then need to portion your prepared veggies into freezer packets. I choose to do them in 1 Cup packets since that seems to be the amount I use them in. You can of course, portion them into any size packet that you think you will use. Make sure that you don’t put too much into the packet since it will not last long in the fridge before it molds.

When you’re ready to use one of these packets simply defrost the packet in the fridge for 12-24 hours then use as normal in a recipe. Since it has been frozen with the excess water you may need to add a little bit of extra flour to get the right consistency. Typically though recipes that call for zucchini will already have taken that into account, simply be aware if your recipe calls for drained zucchini or not.