Ko & Humble: A Review

photo courtesy of: koandhumble.com

photo courtesy of: koandhumble.com

I found this amazing company about a year ago and thought I should share some of my thoughts with you! Ko & Humble is a fantastic company that makes cold-pressed beauty oils. Their oils are cruelty free, organic and cold pressed.

One of the questions on their website answers, why cold pressed?

“What does a “cold-pressed” oil mean?

All of our Beautifying Oils are extracted using the “cold-press” method: a more time-consuming way of obtaining the oil that skips heat treatment.  Some companies sell cheaper versions of these oils, but the potency is minimized as heat extraction changes the chemical composition and reduces the efficacy.  Created in small batches, all the essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants, and natural (usually very mild) fragrance of our oils are preserved for you in a perfect amber bottle with glass dropper. “

I purchased the Argan Oil  from Ko & Humble a number of months ago and let me just tell you, it is absolutely fantastic! I use it as a face oil, hair oil and if there are any dry spots on my skin. It is super moisturizing. Any time I use it as a hair oil my hair just behaves like crazy for 24 hours. As a face oil it moisturizes my skin without leaving any gross residue behind.

If you’re looking for an oil moisturizer this is definitely one to consider. I’m not sure it is my favorite face oil, but for hair and dry patches on my arms and legs this is a fantastic option. I’ve heard great things about several of their other oils and can’t wait to try them out.