Kosmatology – A Review


I decided with this new year that I would post a review of either a green product or company every Wednesday! I’ve been posting reviews occasionally when I find a brand or product I really love, but I decided it was time to make it a regular series on the blog. I hope you’re as excited about this as I am. I’ve found quite a few new green brands and products that I absolutely love and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Today’s review is of Kosmatology. I found the brand when I was researching hand soaps, and let me just tell you…they have THE BEST foaming hand soaps I’ve ever tried! I purchased two different types of hand soaps, two different types of body wash, all the types of hand sanitizer the had in stock and the corresponding mini-lotion bars. I also purchased their bug repellent, however I can’t use that until summer so I’ll have to get back to you on that. I also received a free sample of their rose geranium face oil to try out.

All of Kosmatology’s products are formulated without preservatives, parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfates, sodium laureth sulfates, triclosan, animal derived ingredients and they do not test on animals. Seriously, they have just pure ingredients and essential oils!

I gave the hand sanitizers and lotion bars as gifts at Christmas. They made wonderful little additions to the presents I already had. The sanitizers smell amazing and since they aren’t formulated with tricolsan they are fantastic for situations where you need to wash your hands but there isn’t a sink available. The small lotion bars are excellent for in your purse or car. I found them to be a bit oily but if you rub it into your skin it doesn’t matter so much.

The face oil I received I really didn’t like. The formulation was alright, however the smell was very unpleasant for me. I’m not a huge fan of lemongrass either so I don’t think I’ll be making regular use of this product from them.

The body washes are pretty excellent. I purchased the Herbal Fresh and Spruced Up scents. They come in a huge 8.5oz bottle and have incredibly pure ingredients. Since they aren’t formulated with SLS or laureth sulfates they don’t foam much at all. However, once you get used to this it really doesn’t matter that much. The best part of these washes is the fact that the scent lasts of a long time after you get out of the shower. I have other green body washes that the smell doesn’t really linger.

The previous products are all great, however the shining product I’ve found from Kosmatology is their foaming hand soaps. They clean incredibly well, in fact my Mom was at my house a few weeks ago and remarked that her hands felt so clean after using a soap! Currently they only sell in contains with the pump, however they mentioned on Instagram that they plan to offer refills later this year! This is definitely a product you want to try if you’re looking for a greener soap.