Lilylolo: A Review

I was so excited to find LilyLolo a few months ago. They are a European green beauty brand that is now available here in the US. They have a full range of beauty products, but here are the three products I’ve really put to the test over the last few months.

Mascara: This is my holy grail mascara! It makes my eye lashes look absolutely incredible and it is also Vegan. It lengthens and volumizes my lashes like no other mascara I’ve ever tried before. It is also the perfect texture when coming out of the tube. I’ve found some mascaras can be really wet or dry and this one is perfection. It also doesn’t flake off my lashes after a long day.

Pressed Blush: I really can’t decide if I actually like this blush or not. I like the color and the fact that it’s pressed, but I’m just not sure. This blush seems to wear off faster that most of my other blushes. It also seems to have a heavy scent that doesn’t really agree with me. I also have to be very careful if I purchase a blush from them since a lot of the colors contain carmine which I’m allergic to.

Setting Spray: I’ve been looking for a green beauty setting spray that actually works, and this one certainly does! One thing I’ve had an issue with is some of the other setting sprays I’ve tried where the sprayer nozzle just squirts out and all over your face. This one provides a perfect, even mist all over your face when you use it. It also helps your makeup to last the entire day. I find that I only need to use two or three sprays to set my makeup for the entire day.

I love several of the products I’ve tried from LilyLolo and there are several I’m not as crazy about. I will definitely be repurchasing the mascara and setting spray. I have several other products from them that I don’t really feel that I’ve tested out thoroughly so once I decide on them I’ll definitely post about this great company again.