Natural Cat Litter Deodorizer

When we got a kitten several months ago we had to decide what type of litter to purchase.  Since we have our budget and didn’t really want to go overboard on the litter we decided to go with the inexpensive unscented litter at the local farm store. Our kitten doesn’t seem to mind the unscented stuff but we noticed that there was a little bit of a smell issue. We had fantastic results with this deodorizer but it is fairly expensive for the amount you need to use and the frequency with which you use it.

So I searched and searched the internet for another solution. One thing I kept coming across was using baking soda since it is a natural deodorizer. So I tried this out and it has been working great for us! We’ve been consistently using baking soda for over a month and so far the cat box smells infinitely better.

IMG_20141115_130054459 - Copy

This is how I’ve found it works best for us: Each time I change the liner and litter in the box I start with a layer of baking soda on top of the liner right under the litter. Then I put a second layer of baking soda in the middle of the litter. Finally I sprinkle baking soda on top of the litter and mix it in. Every time I scoop the litter I sprinkle baking soda on top and mix it in. This seems to give me a few extra weeks with the litter not only making it smell better, but more cost effective since I’m not emptying the cat box as often.

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Our kitten has had no negative response to this method. He still uses the litter box with the same consistency as before. Since we only have one cat I can’t speak as to how effective this would be with multiple cats. But it seems to work very well for a single cat and the cost for approximately a month of cat litter is around $3.50 for both the litter and deodorizer.