Owl Door Hanger

IMG_20141121_131641898 - Copy

So a couple months ago my Mother gave me a random plastic wreath form she didn’t have any use for. She thought I might have an idea to use it. Now, I’ve seen several variations on this craft on Pinterest and thought it would be the perfect way to use the wreath form!  I’ve been decorating with Owls this fall and thought this would be the perfect way to welcome guests at our door.

I took the wreath form and covered it in a wide burlap ribbon. I loved the chevron pattern and thought it would be a great visual pattern for my Owl. I secured the starting end with hot glue and wrapped the ribbon tightly around the form. I secured the end with hot glue again.

For the eyes I used the tops of fake flowers I had on hand. The wings and beak are made of cork. I found a roll of cork covering at Hobby Lobby that I used for this project. Because it came in a roll I had to press it for a couple of days before it would actually lay flat. Once they were flattened I used hot glue to affix them to the wreath.

The ribbon to hold it put on the door was stuff I had on hand from my Sister’s bridal shower. It came in approximately 12in pieces. To get the length I wanted I tied several of them together. I secured the ends on the Owl with hot glue. I tied the top with a bow to get the final look that I wanted.

Alternatively you could use a single piece of ribbon; you wouldn’t have a bow or knots detracting from your project. Happy crafting!