RL Linden & Co – A Review


I found this company when I was looking for additional natural deodorant options. I decided to try them because they have some fantastic reviews and I absolutely love trying products from new companies. I mostly ordered sample sizes from this company because they are very expensive. I’m very glad I only ordered samples because there weren’t many products I really loved for the price.

Close to Me – Uplifting Deodorant Spray

I found this to be a fine deodorant. It moderately deodorized my underarms and it did have a very nice and pleasant scent. I used this for part of my trip in Dallas last summer so it was definitely heat and sweat tested. However, I found myself having to reapply several times during the day when wearing this. The full size of this product is extremely expensive so I won’t be purchasing it and I probably won’t ever repurchase the sample size. I don’t really suggest you try this product unless you’ve tried just about every other natural deodorant and nothing has worked.

Denver Inspired Perfume Oils

Again I purchased several of the sample sizes of these perfume oils. While they smelled extremely pleasant when first applied the scent hardly lasted any time at all. I don’t recommend these since I would have to reapply almost every hour in order to have any perfume on at all.

La Bamba Rosa

I purchased the tube of this and I really think that was a good idea. Even though this didn’t really work for my lips, they seemed to be drier after continued use of this product, I did like the application from a tube rather than a tub. If you’re in the market for a new hydrating lip balm I suggest one of Root’s Pretty Balms or Red Apple Lipstick’s Ralley Balm. They will hydrate much better than this product.

Thousand Petals Beautifying Mist

This was the only product I really loved in my entire order and it was the free sample they sent with the order! I absolutely LOVED this hydrating toner mist. While the full size is quite expensive, I do plan on purchasing it once I’ve used up a couple of the open toner mists I already have on hand. This product smelled absolutely incredible, like walking through a rose garden. It also gave my face such an amazing refresh. I highly suggest you order a sample size of this to see if it works for you.