September Favorites

Here are a few things I’m loving this month!


This Week Pad – Target

I found this notepad in the Dollar Spot at Target and I loved it so much I actually went back and purchased a few additional ones. Since things in the dollar spot aren’t typically there for very long I would highly suggest getting to your local Target asap to get yourself one of these notepads. I’ve been using it for several weeks now and it is incredible for structuring your weekly to-do list. It is shorter than a typical to-do notepad so it really helps keep the most urgent things on top. It also is fantastic for tracking time spent on different activities since there is the perfect amount of boxes and the sizing is wonderful.

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Blindspot is back!!!! Remember last October when I told you that I was totally in love with the new show Blindspot? Well, it’s back on TV and better than ever! You can find season 2 streaming on Hulu. It looks like you can only buy Season 1 on Amazon, but I guarantee you will fall in love with this show if you start it!


Michael Kors “Dillon”

My sister introduced me to the world of designer handbags a few years ago and I finally found one I couldn’t live without. The Michael Kors “Dillon” satchel is the perfect bag in my opinion. I purchased this bag a few months ago in the Dove Grey color and it has been amazing. I held off using it for a few months since it looked so pretty but I’ve been carrying it exclusively since the middle of August and I absolutely love it! While they don’t have the exact color I purchased anymore the bag I linked to is just as pretty in the pink color. The bag itself is super roomy and very sturdy. I tend to overfill my bags and so far I haven’t had any issues at all.