Tata Harper Very Illuminating Cheek Tint: A Review

This is one of my absolute favorite highlighters. Not only can you purchase it online at Sephora it is one of the most gorgeous highlighters out there. It is a bright white highlighter that will make those cheekbones pop. Since it is a cream product it is extraordinarily versatile.

The ingredients in this product is also amazingly clean. You need to be careful with Tata Harper products, especially if you’re allergic to carmine. A lot of her products have carmine in them but this is one of the exceptions! It does contain beeswax, so if you’re vegan you will need to keep looking for a cream highlighter. The rest of the ingredients though are clean, and it even contains some lavender extract to keep your skin calm.

It seems like every single time I wear this, especially around high schoolers they are always dying to know exactly what I’m using. I get so many compliments anytime I wear this. No one can seem to believe that this is a green beauty product. Personally, I like a highlighter that is bright silvery white and this fits the bill. If you like a warmer highlight this probably isn’t for you.

Since it is a cream product it doesn’t apply like a powder product. I don’t often have issues with this product unless I try to put too much on over my powder foundation. It blends extremely well into the skin and I’ve never had a problem with it clogging my pores. I use it on my cheekbones, inner eye, brow bone and cupids bow.

I absolutely suggest getting this product. It is incredible and the ingredients are fantastically clean! If you’ve been looking for a cream highlighter in the green beauty department this is definitely one you should try.