Travel Hacks: Three things to pack when traveling!

I meant to write this after we got back from Europe in February but I didn’t have a chance so I decided to finally get something written now, right after we got back from Florida. Here are three things we’ve discovered over our last few trips.


If you’re driving in a new city or area bring a dash mount for your phone GPS. This is a lifesaver when traveling in an unfamiliar area. Target has them for $5 in their dollar spot so there is pretty much no reason why  you wouldn’t have one when traveling. If you’re walking rather than driving in a new area I would suggest downloading maps of the areas you’ll be walking in.

Bring several extra ziplock baggies in multiple sizes. You never know when you’ll need a ziplock so a wise idea is to travel with them at all times! We actually forgot to bring extras when we went to Florida and we ended up  purchasing a box while we were down there. When we were in Europe we used all of the extra ziplocks we brought with. We used them to store dirty clothes/wet clothes when we traveled. We used small snack sized ziplocks to store snacks for our daily outings and we used the quart sized ziplocks to store multiple items. I wouldn’t travel without these ever again!


Bring a reusable shopping bag. Unless you’re at an all-inclusive resort this is an item you don’t want to leave at home. When we were in Europe I saw the usefulness of traveling with one of these when we picked a bag up while traveling. I forgot to pack one when we went to Florida and I certainly regretted it!  It is very useful if you need to carry a lot of items around. I would have really loved to have one on hand for when we went grocery shopping or to the beach.  When we were in Europe it was really handy to have a larger bag to hold our lunch or foodstuff during the day.