Wilton Sugar Sheets – A Review


Yesterday I posted some School Spirit cupcakes I had made. I thought I would give you my thoughts on working with the Wilton Sugar Sheets. I wanted to be able to create fully edible cupcake decorations and I thought these sugar sheets would be the perfect way to this.

However, I found these sheets incredibly difficult to work with. Alex had to get me his X-Acto knife to cut them. After doing additional research, it seems you need to have a specific Wilton cutter in order to slice them nicely.


I also found that they had gone slightly soft a few hours after I had put them on the cupcakes. I didn’t really feel like they should have done that so quickly after I had put them on. Overall I probably won’t use these again in the future unless I have a lot of time to spare to create the toppers and I can put them on right before they are served.

Overall I probably won’t use these again since I can probably make better decorations from hand. I also prefer to use fruit, candied and fresh or other natural cupcake toppers instead. I would probably try to make something out of fondant before I used these sheets again.